Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Top Five Things To Do In Sydney Australia

Sydney is a great city, with probably the most beautiful natural harbour on earth.  Yes, I'm having an opinion.  People tend to try to cram a lot in a very short period of time, which is too bad.  I think that the cities of Australia are worth as long a visit as someone going to Paris, or London, or Rome -- really, people do spend a week or more in those places.  Why not Sydney?

So here's my list:

1.  Bridge Climb will give you spectacular views of the city, the Opera House, the Harbour - all while climbing to the top of one of the icons of Sydney.  The Sydney Harbour Bridge is as well-known a sight at San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge.  You're strapped in, you get a bridge-suit, you're guided, and you're maybe thinking you're out of your mind, but this is a real thrill.

2.  You know you've always wanted to try this.    Let's Go Surfing - Bondi Beach - is a surfing school that can get even a grandma like me to stand up on a board.  It's a 2 hour lesson in a small group in easy waves.  Plus, this is the beach that has all the Surf Life Savers, ladies.  These are good looking blokes!

3.  Australia has some amazing food.  Fresh produce, and a great and famous Fish Market that also offers cooking school.  Somehow, I feel that a cooking class in a local market makes you feel more like a part of the place.  It's like a total immersion!

4. The Sydney Opera House is magnificent.  One of the most expressive buildings I've seen, I think I've taken over 500 photos of it.  And made one watercolor.  And seen a performance or several.  And done group tours, and private tours, and backstage tours - you need to do it.  Learn the history, fall in love with the building, experience it for yourself.  But don't wait til the last minute, you do need to pre-book your tours.

5.  Yes, you want to do a cruise on Sydney Harbour.  But you want to Cruise Like A Local.  Really, the choice is being on a vessel with maybe 200 of your closest strangers, or on a small, private yacht owned by a local, and really feeling the place.  Done it both ways.  I prefer Sea Sydney Cruises, and cruising like a local.

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