Monday, February 21, 2011

Is It Safe To Visit Mexico

This is a terrific answer to the question "Is it safe to visit Mexico."  The author of the article, Aysha Griffin, is a travel writer, editor and business/relationship coach currently residing in and blogging about San Miguel de Allende, Mexico at Inhabit Your Dreams.  Her tone is calm and realistic.  The article is clear, and has common-sense tips.  She does not provide a sugar-coated answer as she correctly points out the difference in the various kinds of violence we find in the United States and what is happening in Mexico.
However, there is something different happening in Mexico. At the core are not just anger, political intolerance, insanity and psychopathic behavior, but money and turf war power, with illegal drugs (primarily marijuana) as the medium.
Her suggestions are to stay clear of the border towns, something my friend over at Border Explorer does not do.  The Port of Los Angeles recently lost two cruise ships due to the slump in popularity over travel to Mexico.  But Ms. Griffin states correctly that "Fear begets fear."  Yes, there are problems in Mexico.  There are problems in the USA, and Europe, and just about everywhere, and if we allowed fear to dictate everything, then we would scarcely leave our homes, let alone the country. 

Mexico depends on Tourism.  If that dries up, where will people turn as unemployment rates soar?  Unemployment, frustration, anger.  The drug trade can be very lucrative.  At any rate, please read her article, and hopefully it will assuage your fears, and you will continue to travel to this beautiful and diverse country.

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